Microsoft was hacked over the weekend. …

Microsoft was hacked over the weekend. Here’s a mirror.

Some readers emailed in with some funny anecdotes that are related to yesterday’s Research Challenge: [Hmmm….]

FEED Magazine has an article that says the “supermodel eggs for sale on the Internet” story is a hoax.

This picture reminds me of Otto the bus driver on the Simpson’s.

U.S readers, be sure to watch Jeopardy! tonight to see the first blind contestant in the show’s history become a 5-time undefeated champion. This guy is amazing.

I’m liking the new design for Whim & Vinegar. Jen did a good job with her color choices, and hasn’t overwhelmed the viewer with too much eye-candy. The two-column layout is becoming more and more popular, especially with weblogs. You don’t see it as much anymore on ecommerce sites and portals, who are trying to maximize the usage of every square inch of screen real estate. It turns the page into a cluttered look with banner ads and marketing boxes everywhere. (The new Altavista design, for instance.)

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 26, 1999 01:53 PM

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