Aeiwi is a new search engine …

Aeiwi is a new search engine (directory) that takes a slightly different approach to web indexing. [Interesting!]

NY Times on Epinions [again].

I really hate the new Altavista design. What are they thinking? Web designers should rally AGAINST this type of mediocre design that is becoming more and more pervasive. Yes, it is possible to design for functionality but still be fresh and new. There’s no reason why all portals and search engines need to look alike. Research Buzz has some early comments.

Of course, then you’ve got people who, instead of figuring out their own layout, lift it from somewhere else. [Thanks to astute reader Jason Kottke for pointing this out.]

A search on Altavista for “animal carcass obliteration” turns up a link for the Cat Fancier’s Association web site. Weird.

I wonder why this site was shut down.

Philadelphia New Media People:

Research Challenge: I give up. This weekend my brother and I heard on Michael Feldman’s “Whad’Ya Know” radio show, a hilarious description of an instructional brochure called “Obliteration of Large Animal Carcasses” or something similar. It was developed by the Missoula Parks & Recreation Department or the Missoula Department of Agriculture. I’ve been searching for this document on the web but have turned up very little. Let’s see what you can find.

What to do if you win the Lottery. [via Strange Brew]

Prediction: Sometime this week, we’ll see in the news a report about a couple getting arrested for public indecency because they were recreating the Ally McBeal car wash love scene.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 25, 1999 03:31 PM

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