Microsoft continues to screw up. They …

Microsoft continues to screw up. They sent out 80 million emails about Y2K to their “customers.” I received this email, yet I’ve never bought a Microsoft product, registered a Microsoft product, or subscribed to one of their newsletters. I do believe I entered one or two of their contests, but that certainly doesn’t make me a customer of theirs. I treated it like the spam it is and reported it to SpamCop. It will be interesting to see how their abuse team responds.

Sigh….I keep getting lame hoax-type emails being forwarded to me by the clueless. This one was about AOL and Microsoft merging, and that Microsoft would pay every person $241-$245 who forwarded the email. Microsoft would know this by “tracking” your email if you “are a Microsoft Windows” user. Argh! People, are you really this dumb? I hang my head in shame at how gullible some seemingly intelligent people can be. Still, my favorite email hoax has to be the “Internet Clean-Up Day” hoax.

Right, I agree that the keyboards suck, but isn’t this just a bit juvenile?

Great interview with the late Tibor Kalman, self-taught design guru.

Oh my, this is simply unacceptable. Long distance carriers are now charging a $3/month “no-use” fee if you don’t make any long distance calls. Please, if you get charged this fee, contact your carrier, contact the FCC, and tell everyone you know that you will not accept this. Make noise, folks. Somewhat related is my rant about How the Phone Companies Are Ripping You Off.

Kanoodle’s real-time search queries. [People sure are looking for crazy stuff.]

Fray Day 3 pictures are up. Too bad I missed it. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 15, 1999 12:54 PM

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