CamWorld Essay: Why Epinions Might be …

CamWorld Essay: Why Epinions Might be the Next Amazon

Epinion: Hearts in Atlantis

I’m becoming more and more disappointed with the articles in Industry Standard. When the magazine first started, the articles and the writing were great, unbiased, and well-researched. These days, I’m lucky if i do more than skim their headlines. For instance, this article about consumer reviews would have been worlds better had the author mentioned Epinions.

Competition for Epinions market (consumer reviews): is another one of those contest/sweepstakes/games sites. Not sure yet if I support them or not. A good rule of thumb with sites like this is to always enter with a free email account from Yahoo or Hotmail. That way, if they sell your information, your email account doesn’t get abused.

Would you trust Microsoft with your credit card number?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 12, 1999 04:22 PM