Epinion: England I am starting …

Epinion: England

I am starting to write more Epinions. I really enjoy what they are doing and love to contribute. If you aren’t an Epinion member, but want to support CamWorld, allow me to sponsor your membership and every Epinion of your’s that is read generates revenue to help pay for my site hosting fees.

“The primary difference between us and our competitors is that we aren’t paying large portal fees to gain market share at a loss,” Quinnell said. “We want to gain market share at a profit.”

Barnes & Noble buys Babbage’s for $215M. [Wow, that’s cheap.]

Loads of ultra-geeky Internet stuff at Cisco’s Internet Protocol Journal.

I’ll say it again, these live Ford focus TV commercials really suck.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 7, 1999 01:26 PM

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