Epinion: James: “Laid” Don’t forget …

Epinion: James: “Laid”

Don’t forget to play my “Dream Lotto Numbers” tonight. [See Monday’s entry for details.]

Gee, I don’t see Apple publishing such nonsense about the Windows OS. It’s akin Amazon posting on their site a list of “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy From Barnes & Noble and Borders.com.”

Wonderful writings about NYC and more.

The Hippo Song.

Everything you ever wanted to know about DangerMouse.

The Alternative Dictionaries: International Slang.

The Blair Warner Project.

Wal-Mart is delaying the launch of their e-commerce site until after Christmas.

Research Challenge: I need to know what company is doing Wal-Mart’s e-commerce back-end. Is it an IBM e-business client?

Jen Kitchen points me to this press release that signifies that Broadvision might be the culprit. For more about Broadvision, read Peter Merholz’s enlightening Broadvision Sucks page.

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh my. CNN has this page that will calculate what your draft number would have been in 1969. Lower than 196, and you’da been drafted. [Found at Pop Culture Junk Mail] My number: 124. Wow.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 6, 1999 04:58 PM

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