Epinion: Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark …

Epinion: Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark

A while back, I implemented a simple script that displays a random “ugly” picture for an Epinions profile. If you want to use this, feel free to cut-and-paste this URL (https://camworld.org/cgi-bin/rand_image.pl) into your own Epinions profile image location field. There are about 35 images in the random directory. [And if you aren’t an Epinions member yet, feel free to let me sponsor you.]

My brother dares me to enter this picture in this contest. I also have a 900-page “Developing Word” book acting as a superb monitor stand for my Linux box.

Richard M. Smith’s Advanced Web Programming. [Lots and lots of very useful info for site builders and web designers. Bookmark this one.]

Snarg. Kind of like jodi.org, but a bit more artistic. [Warning: not for epileptics.]

A Foreigner’s Guide to America. [Tongue-in-cheek]

Purina Puppy Breed Selector.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Underdog.

Sigh, there’s more than one OS, ya know. I dread the day Microsoft owns/controls everything, by default.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 5, 1999 09:18 PM