Last night I had a dream …

Last night I had a dream about winning the lotto. It was so vivid I woke up and wrote down the numbers: 2, 5, 7, 12, 20, and 40. If you win with these numbers in your state, send me a nice gift.

100-inch TV for $9.95. [Beware the infamous P.T. Barnum quote. This document itself is an important and enlightening read.]

Reader Erik Kosberg informed me that this quote is mis-attributed. Here’s the fascinating story behind it.

This is unacceptable! The builder of this FAQ on HDTV is using javascript to count how many seconds you have been at their page. When you go to click the browser’s back button, you’re presented with a dialogue box saying “You have been here only 68 (or whatever) seconds. Order the expanded FAQ blah, blah, blah…” Disabling the browser’s back button is a huge usability no-no. How pathetic can you get?

Adam Sandler’s The Peeper. [Flash Required. 17 years or older only, please. Kind of disturbing.]

Joe’s Cool Site of 50s-70s Design. [Awesome, the retro-design geek in me loves this resource.]

Art Frahm: A Study of the Effects of Celery on Loose Elastic. [Also kind of disturbing.]

The Jar-Jargonizer.

Who else thinks Ford’s live TV commercials are a great concept, but are really poorly executed? [And java with an automatic javascript pop-up on their front page. Bad, bad, bad.]

My good Danish friend, Massimo, continues to inspire with a clean re-design of his site.

David Farber: Living in the Global Information Infrastructure — some concerns

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 4, 1999 06:23 PM

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