Okay, after pulling my hair out …

Okay, after pulling my hair out for the past week or so trying figure out why my colorscheme selector wasn’t working for a few people, I think I finally figured it out. Netscape has a habit of storing HTML files in its cache and returning them on a refresh, regardless of whether the user-executable bit for the file is turned on in Apache. To resolve part of this problem, go to your preferences in Netscape and set “page in cache is compared to page on network” to “Every time.” If you are behind a firewall that caches files (some do, I think) there is no way around this problem except to force-reload the page to get the colorscheme to change.

Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1933-1999

Go Stewart, go.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 27, 1999 04:16 PM

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