New at CamWorld is a something …

New at CamWorld is a something I call Choose Your Own CamWorld. Try clicking the little color squares to set your color preference.

I decided to implement this feature because I received lots of feedback from readers who didn’t agree with my color choices. The solution was simply to let the reader decide. This feature also helps people who are bothered by certain color combinations or have sensitive eyes.

I’m actively seeking your opinions about what’s right and what’s wrong with the existing color combinations. Feel free to send me your favorites (web-safe only) and I’ll consider implementing them.

Because this feature uses cookies, your color preference is stored and your browser will remember it every time you come back to CamWorld. If your browser doesn’t handle cookies, then you will always be presented with the default grey color scheme.

Much thanks goes out to Dan Lyke at Flutterby for sharing his color.cgi which sets the cookie.

The little box with an “f” in it turns on a simple CSS feature that turns off the link underlining.

Yes, I know, the black scheme needs a little work.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 18, 1999 10:39 PM

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