Proposed new design for CamWorld. What …

Proposed new design for CamWorld. What do you think? Too bland? Too green? Not enough color? Perfect? Send me your comments. [Comments so far: some people like it, some think it’s too green. Understand that I’m still in a design phase and I’l likely change it quite a bit more.]

The reason I’m thinking about another redesign is the concerns I have for rendering times in some browsers. The current design also renders funny in some versions of IE.

I implemented a random image Perl script on my brother’s Epinions profile. Funny. [Do a force-reload in your browser to get a new profile image.] I’ve had a few requests for the Perl script I’m using. It’s from Matt’s Script Archive.

PowerReporting, a site I designed a while back, is finally live. The entire site is database-driven and is designed for very rapid access by journalists in just about any browser. Since this site is new, we’re looking for bug reports, strange behaviours, and other things that might crop up in a new site. Send reports/comments to Bill.

There must be something in the water. [From Steve]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 14, 1999 07:54 PM

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