I must say, I really like …

I must say, I really like epinions.com. The only problem I foresee is the competition that is emerging between members to see who can get the most pageviews. For instance, every time you click here to read my profile and reviews, my rating goes up. It won’t be long before Amazon and B&N have similar rating and profile systems in place. Bet on it.

I suppose another problem could be that epinions is paying people for their reviews. How long will it be before I start getting epinion spam from the clueless?

For the curious, there’s a picture of me on my epinions profile page (heh, heh).

Rasterweb: Critters on Ice

Yay, JJG is back. We missed ya, Jesse.

I recently got tired of all same music and started to listen to live Netcast streams using SoundJam (for PC users, WinAmp supports this too). TodRadio Canada is one of my favorites (playlist file).

Don’t forget Fray Day 3 on September 18th. I won’t be able to make it. I’ll either be in NYC helping my brother move or in Northern Michigan helping my mom with a large garage sale. Family obligations, y’know.


How to Destroy Your Computer.

How to secure Netscape for a public library. [Awesome info!]

Jenni should be jealous. This guy has 17 webcams set up at work and home.

Bicycle helmet FAQ. [Useful!]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 13, 1999 03:32 PM

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