Apologies for the infrequent updates. I’m …

Apologies for the infrequent updates. I’m working on yet another redesign for CamWorld.

Mini CamRant: I went to see the movie Chill Factor yesterday. It’s pretty awful. Case in point, the climax of the movie takes place in mountain tunnel where the Air Force is about to seal the tunnel on both sides to contain the weapon of mass destruction that the main characters of the movie are hauling around. The entire scene is dependent on Cuba Gooding Jr. (who is inside the tunnel) using a cell phone to talk to the Air Force General in charge of sealing the tunnel. Um….I don’t know about your cell phone, but I know mine certainly wouldn’t work in a tunnel 30 feet beneath a mountain. Sigh…

Waterstone’s, a chain of bookstores in England is going to open a bookstore that has 1.5 million titles on seven floors. Wow!

Congrats to RLE for scoring this important mention in Fortune.

Interesting letter from Hormel that clearly distinguishes “SPAM” from “spam”. From my perspective, Hormel is being very cool about this unique problem. I wish more large companies would follow the lead of Hormel when it comes to potential trademark infringement instead of simply bullying people with high-priced lawyers.

Dave Winer outlines his company’s plans for creating an Affiliate-based system for linking. Ugh. I’m stating now that CamWorld will never sign up for such a program. There’s a reason why when I point to items of interest, I don’t filter the links through an Affiliates Program. CamWorld is a free service, and I never intend to make money from my work on CamWorld. I built CamWorld as place where I can voice my opinion and share my knowledge, not as a site that was intended to build me a revenue stream. It goes against almost everything I believe about the nature of weblogs, micro-portals and personal links pages.

Like many others last week I attempted to check out Amway’s new online venture, Quixtar.com, only to be denied access. Regarding my feelings on Amway/Quixtar, see the above paragraph.

More on Quixtar: When I try to visit the homepage, I get a message saying that my browser does not support cookies (Huh? Since when does Netscape 4.06/Mac not support cookies? Sheesh). The page then redirects me to a page that loads a 40K Flash file that doesn’t play. Strike three, guys, I’m never coming back.

A good alternative for those who want to participate in an Affiliates Program but frown on the idea of receiving money for driving traffic to an e-commerce site, there is GiveQuick!, an organization that channels Afffiliate payments to non-profits.

Matt Dabrowski has a nice jornal-like site with some good things to say. Keep up the good work Matt.

Was this some kind of parody site that got shut down?

I just finished watching The Blair With Project (on VHS, a screener copy). The movie is pretty unique, but I’m pissed that Artisan didn’t include the ending in the screener. They show all the way up to the abandoned house with the kids’ handprints on the walls with Mike and Heather running downstairs to find Josh, and then they put up some text saying, “Don’t miss the ending, order your copies today. Street Date: 10/26/99.” I guess I’ll just have to go sneak into the theatre and catch the ending. Argh.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 6, 1999 11:25 PM

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