From Net4TV, a large WebTV-oriented site, …

From Net4TV, a large WebTV-oriented site, comes the latest essay from their teen columnist.

Hart Scientific’s Unofficial Y2K page.

Jeff Veen has a good piece about emerging publishing systems for large web sites, with a focus on Allaire’s new product, Spectra.

Why will fail.

Does anyone else think the questions on this new primetime gameshow, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? are incredibly easy?

If you like really short fiction, I highly recommend a book called “The World’s Shortest Stories.” Every story is exactly 55 words long.

This book about dinosaurs dressed up as humans reminds me of another book I’ve read called “Lives of the Monster Dogs,” about a breed of half human/half dog creatures who migrate from their master’s secret laboratory in the Canadian wilderness to New York City, where they become integrated with the bourgouis culture of NYC.

Jason Kottke has been pushing word-of-mouth publicity for The Iron Giant, and now Dan Lyke is saying the same thing. That’s enough for me, as these are two people I highly respect. I will attempt to see the movie during my vacation in California.

Anthony J. Hicks weblog is back. [But I prefer this URL. I hate having my browser being forced to do something, like spawn a new window especially without an alternative way of viewing the site.] Here’s the final URL.

I am addicted to the Travel Channel. I can’t get enough of the show, Lonely Planet. Be sure to watch next week to see if I won their sweepstakes. I feel the same way about this show that I felt about The Cocodile Hunter on the Animal Planet channel which became hugely popular last year.

From the Travel Channel comes this tidbit: The average airline spends only $3.03 per passenger on airline food.

Adweek: Top 50 Interactive Agencies

Adweek: Top 50 Online Advertisers

I got my hair cut today. Those who know me say I look like I’m about to enter the Army. I like it short.

Meta: Sometime earlier this week the cheesy counter on this page passed up the odometer on my car.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 16, 1999 10:10 PM

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