Reader comments about the new design …

Reader comments about the new design for CamWorld.

Today only, I’ve changed the design from blue/grey to blue/gold/yellow. What do you think? Which do you like better? You must email me your vote to be counted. Sorry, no automatic poll for this one.

Blue/Gray: 10
Blue/Gold/Yellow: 26
Blue/Gold/White: 3
Don’t Care: 1

OnTheGo is a funnel/tube that allows women to urinate standing up. Here’s a quote from their site:

About two months ago, we began receiving feedback from several college campuses about
OnTheGo. It seems women are engaged in pissing contests. It was reported to us that a number
of sororities are participating in a new sport using OnTheGo, a device we invented that is
marketed for women who are engaged in outdoor activities where restrooms are scarce or
non-existent. The object of this new “sport” is distance and accuracy.

Get revenge: Send-a-Curse. [I think they’re serious.]

Small-town politics crack me up. This time it’s over school uniforms (which I favor).

Interactive Fiction as a Guide to Writing Hyperfiction.

You need light bulbs? We got light bulbs.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 3, 1999 06:10 PM

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