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Those who have been following CamWorld know that I’ve been requesting an iBook poster for a while. Yesterday, I started bidding on iBook posters at eBay only to see the prices go up to $20 or more. What’s even worse, is some clueless AOL person spammed about 50 people whose email addresses he’d gleaned from the eBay bids, including me. After an entire day of flames (with the entire group involved) a long-time Apple employee got sick of the idiots trying to make a profit on Apple’s promotional materials and received permission to give away iBook posters for one cent plus the cost of postage. Folks, this is simply amazing. These kinds of actions by Apple employees are what makes Apple such a great company. Think Different. Think Apple.

re:Sale is a cross-platform piece of software that tracks aucions. [Cool! The only thing better would be a web-based tool to do this.]

Personalized license plates of an Internet flavor. [via RasterWeb]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 28, 1999 05:28 PM

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