More sites should be as …

More sites should be as good as My only complaint about the design (which is stellar) is that it’s a bit slow to download.

Revenge is sweet. Yes, indeed.

Mi-ki Dog Breed FAQ. And a spoof!

ZDNet: Are You Getting Shafted By Your Credit Card Company? [I sure am. Beware, Direct Merchants Bank really sucks!]

I wonder how long it will be before FOX does a special called “When Customers Attack!

Wow, this is a weird bug, that could only come from Microsoft.

First there were the operating system wars, then the browser wars. Following that came the online bookstore wars. Now, it’s the drugstore wars.

What now, a battle over Instant Messaging? When are these companies going to realize that the consumer will choose the best service, and that forced marketing isn’t going to work anymore?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 23, 1999 01:03 PM

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