Welcome Rageboy readers! New …

Welcome Rageboy readers!

New comic: Boat Anchor

First, there was the crazy “sputnik” lady, and now this guy who likes to dress up in silly costumes.

The Art of Memory.

Can anyone tell me if Apple is giving away posters of their new iBook at MacWorld? If so, I’d appreciate being sent one. Yes, I’ll cover the shipping/packing costs.

About a month ago, I was watching some special on PBS. I can’t remember exactly what it was about except that they were doing some kind of comparison between two families and showing the differences between how kids are raised in the two very different households. The first family was typical, the kids were typical and the parents were very all-American. The second family was well, how do I put this? The mother was the dominating force in the family with a very militaristic style. And this was enforced by everything around them, even the kids names. Seven kids (and I wrote this down so I wouldn’t forget): Trevor, Tyler, Taylor, Tanner, Tucker, Thomas, and Tanya. The dog’s name was Tugboat. This bird’s name was Tinker. Ugh! Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 21, 1999 02:55 PM

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