This guy needs to check …

This guy needs to check himself back into the loony bin.

Has the Y2K paranoia gone too far? Maybe.

The Church of Latterday Saints has thoughtfully provided us with Steps in Overcoming Masturbation. [Uh…]

Some quotes for you to enjoy from this woman, who clearly is delusional:

  1. “The sputniks cause earthquakes by splitting the atoms of things deep in the earth…”
  2. “The sputniks have been up for millenniums, the Russian Military created the religious saviors and religions with them to keep mankind backwards, superstitious, anti-scientific, to hide their technology.”
  3. “The Russian Military has a network of satellites up with gamma ray, x-ray, lasers that they call sputniks.”
  4. “The sputniks say they can kill over 97% of us Americans, with their sputniks alone, without any warming at all, in a matter of nanoseconds.”

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 20, 1999 04:25 PM

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