Does anyone have a problem with …

Does anyone have a problem with me categorizing the weblog list to the right? Does anyone feel I’ve mis-categorized anything? If you run one of the weblogs/resources I’ve listed and feel that it belongs in a different category, please let me know.

I’m blushing. Word has gotten back to me that one of the Double Webpardy questions yesterday in Peter Merholz’s Webpardy game at Web99 was “Who is the Cam of CamWorld?” None of the three contestants knew the answer.

Po Bronson: The Secrets of Silicon Valley. [Excellent!]

Gary Rivlin on Po Bronson and Kara Swisher, for Random House.

Po Bronson on the dating dynamics of Silicon Valley. This and more at

Apparently, yesterday there was yet another pilgrimage to a phone booth in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Call the phone booth at (760) 733-9969 and ask for Godfrey, who will be camping there until Saturday. [Fun stuff.]

I just discovered I’m very surprised that they haven’t tried to buy the domain from me. [Yes, it is for sale…for the right price.]

Doug Block’s documentary “Home Page” is on HBO on Sunday.

Jack Saturn has launched his weblog at I love the design.

I just discovered that one of my favorite Sci-Fi authors, Terry Bisson, has his own web site.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 2, 1999 05:33 PM

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