The Tragedy of Wired

CamRant: The Tragedy of Wired [I’m accepting/posting feedback on this piece.]

Before there was America Online, there was GNN. Here’s a version of their homepage circa 1993.

You can find some of the strangest texts online, these days.

Chimbo vs. Furby.

Hmmm…..Netizens Against Blink. [I wonder if these people realize that the blink tag was a huge joke.]

One of my favorite forms of fiction is “sudden” fiction or “flash” fiction, usually stories less than 500-750 words. Furious Fiction is an e-zine that celebrates it. I have an amazing book I picked up at Borders last year called “The World’s Shortest Stories.” Every story in this book is exactly 55 words long.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 30, 1999 01:50 PM

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