She Hates My Futon

She Hates My Futon. [A damn good read. Long, but downright hilarious.] Also check out the rest of Craig’s “My Boot” site.

What to do when your book publisher sucks at marketing.

Was David Siegel drunk when he did this interview/chat? Jeez, how freaking annoying.

Don’t be fooled by the spin put on this story. Bell Atlantic has a hidden agenda, forced upon them by FCC regulations. Everyone in the Telecommunications industry knows that the real money to be made is with the long-distance services:

“Bell Atlantic needs to be able to offer long-distance services to its customers, especially corporations. But before it can win state regulators’ permission to do so, it must prove that it has opened its market to competitors.”

Keep a close eye on these next couple of days. Firday at 3 p.m. CST to be exact.

Apparently you can now buy just about anything online. Related story.

Squirrel Fishing.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 13, 1999 01:28 PM

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