Future of Computing

Better buy your cheap gasoline today, as prices are sure to go up very soon. Sigh…

Pssst…It’s the not-too-distant future of computing.

Marshall McLuhan, redux.

I Wonder What’s Under There: A Brief History of Underwear. [It’s a pop-up book, cool!]

Art and New Technologies – Why? 1960’s Questions and 1990’s Answers.

Movie Mistakes, listed alphabetically.

The latest edition of NETFUTURE is out.

IW: Pondering the Lone Designer’s Future.

Fast Company: How To Build a Team.

New Media magazine has posted its editorial calendar for 1999.

A huge list of proven guerrilla marketing tactics.

FurbyWatch: From Cabbage Patch to Furby, A Lesson in Supply and Demand.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 17, 1998 01:24 AM