Camworld on WebTV

I’m pleased to report that Camworld looks and performs just fine in the WebTV Viewer.

“These drastic measures were brought about when Apple Computer, Inc., ixMicro’s largest OEM partner, returned thousands of ix3D Ultimate Rez graphics accelerator cards due to ‘poor performance’, our sources told us late last week.” [I have one of these cards in my G3 at work and it performs just fine. Hmmm….]

The Good Old Days…of’93. I remember the Big Red Button That Does Nothing. Heh, heh, that was a classic.

Aaron Goldberg’s predictions for 1999.

I think the creator of this banner ad needs to read this article.

An excellent 8-part serial about men who marry Russian women through a service.

AOL Watch: Requiem for Netscape.

Ha ha. Like I’ve said before, don’t screw around with companies’ trademarks.

Via PeterMe: A really goofy comic strip about Thanksgiving turkeys.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 2, 1998 07:11 PM

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