Best Use for MS Front Page Books

Thought for the day: What happens if Microsoft decides they want to buy AOL? It’s all about money, folks. Other AOL suitors could be NewsCorp, Bertelsmann, GE, or just about any other multi-billion dollar conglomerate. These types of companies are called Transnational Media Corporations.

We finally found a use for all those Microsoft Front Page books that were laying around the office.

The Goudy Center Type Database:

The purpose of the Goudy Center Typeface Database, is to facilitate designers in choosing a name for their typeface which is unique. The problem that presently exists is one of naming. Due to the fact that there are so many typefaces and names in use today, it is very easy to come up with a name that has already been used.

How a fax machine saved a country (so far).

Wired reports that AOL is trying to shut down the web site.

Toys of the future.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 25, 1998 06:04 PM

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