AOL to Buy Netscape

AOL in Talks to Buy Netscape. Whoah! [WSJ Subscription required.]

America Online is in talks to buy Netscape Communications in an all-stock transaction that may also involve Sun Microsystems, people familiar with the situation say. Financial terms weren’t available, but any pact is likely to value Netscape at some premium to its current market capitalization of about $4 billion.

Bloomberg reports the WSJ and Newsweek news referenced above.

NY Times: “I am a huge believer that the Internet will dwarf anything we have seen before. But I don’t think that people are buying these stocks to hold for the next 10 years. I think this is a game of the greater fool.” I agree one hundred percent with this analyst. – Cam

I am going to laugh so hard when these Internet stocks crash. You can take my word on it, because when they do crash, they are going to crash hard.

NBC is forcing to stop selling their line of SNL videos. I say, goodbye and good riddance. These people have been spamming me for years. All attempts to get off their mailing list have failed.

Sig of the week: “Microsoft is not the Borg Collective; the Borg have better networking.”

Another review of “Web Navigation” by Jennifer Fleming.

Dan Lyke of is a rebel. Or a pioneer?

Tech worker seeks help for tendinitus. Gets fired.

Michigan State University’s American Sign Language Browser.

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