This is getting pathetic

This is getting pathetic. Barnes & Noble announced today that they were going to buy Ingram Books, the largest book distributor in the U.S. Ingram just happens to be the main book supplier to Amazon,, and just about every other bookstore in the country. Amazon sent out a press release in response to the announcement, which caused to respond to Amazon’s press release. Some pretty funny reading. It’s like a big pissing match between executives too rich for their own good.

You’d think that if these folks are going to screw around with a company like Netscape, they’d at least proofread their communication. They talk about “infringement of rights.” Aren’t they just as guilty of this by using the domain?

“I have personally witnessed the squandering of hundreds of millions of dollars on misguided and misbegotten commercial web initiatives.” – Rageboy.

The 46 Faces of Sarah.

National Geographic’s Cruise Finder.

The Human Factor, Inc.

Usability Sciences Corporation. (This page took so long to download, I clicked “stop.” Now that’s just not very usable, is it?)

Worth recycling: David Isenberg’s Rise of the Stupid Network, a critical look at how the telecommunication industry’s (specifically AT&T) networks are poorly designed.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 6, 1998 05:41 PM

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