Microsoft’s “standards”

Buying Into Microsoft. An excellent article on Microsoft’s “standards.”

Draplindustries Gazette #3. Number 2. Number 1.

A downright hilarious Dutch TV commercial. [Over 18 only, due to profanity. 9 MB] Thanks Peter.

You’re not alone

I think it’s great that Jesse “The Body” Ventura won the Minnesota governorship. Maybe this will send a message to the losers and schmucks currently running this country. We need change, and we need it soon.

Interactivity Magazine is folding up shop because of a lack of advertising. It’s a shame because they really do have some great writers. Keep your eye on Dominic Milano, the current editor. He’s going places…

Press Release of the Future: “Microsoft to Support Open Source Movement.”

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 5, 1998 05:38 PM

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