Phantom Menace Hype

Can you name all the OS’s?

A TechWeb article points to the hitlist of doctors compiled by anti-abortionists.

The Anti-Dr. Laura site. You know, the nude pictures of her are circulating through the web…

Here are the things I think the DOJ should require Microsoft to do:

  • Require Internet Explorer to be free for the next ten years
  • Require Internet Explorer to support every operating system with over a million users
  • Require guaranteed compatibility/support with any third-party plug-in that wants to be compatible with IE

“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” Trailer Description

Yahoo Internet Life’s Pretty Strange Sites.

AJR has a great article on the changing of morals among the news media.

MSNBC wants to “be the people who invent news on the Internet.”

Philip Morris was considering buying newspapers and news outlets to “improve [the] climate” for its products. Hmmm, sounds like something Microsoft would do.

George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language.” (circa 1946)

Here’s a copy of Apple’s Web Design Guide, which Apple took down earlier this week.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 29, 1998 02:58 AM

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