Microsoft’s Hollow Threats

Robert X. Cringely explains Microsoft’s bullying tactics, and how most of their threats are hollow.

Dave Winer asks us to “Think!

I think this is a mistake. Changing the name Windows NT to Windows 2000 is a bad move. When 1/1/2000 rolls around and computers crash all around the world, the ignorant American public is going to mistake Windows 2000 as the source of the problem. Year 2000…Windows 2000. Yeah, people are stupid, but it’s going to happen. It’s word assocaition.

De-motivational posters, from

The Abuse-A-Tron.

Project Appleseed: Macintosh Parallel Computing.

Barnes & Noble Opens Book Superstore in Cambodia. Hee hee.

The Hacking Hall of Fame.

Adbusters Uncommercials and Spoof Ads.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 28, 1998 02:56 AM

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