RGB-to-Hex color conversion

Here is one of the best explanations of RGB-to-Hex color conversion I’ve ever read.

Read this and click the link provided. Whooo-eee!

Lots and lots of freeware fonts. Some good, some bad.

Color specifier for Netscape v.3x.

Hmmm, why would I want cam.tv?


More Microsoft whining. I love it when the bully gets his ass kicked.

The C|Net crew on board a pirate ship. Did I mention that we’ve got a pirate theme going at Borders.com? I’m still trying to find a lifelike cannon. Here’s a picture of our Jolly Roger.

From 1995: Going Where No Network Has Gone Before. [Cam dusts off the old bookshelves and digs up his past.]

The new Mazda Protege commercial is catchy! Charlie, the hip web guy looks like my co-worker Matt.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 16, 1998 02:33 AM

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