Monopolies are Bad

The phone companies are at it again. I’m so tired of these mergers and acquisitions. You’d think that as these companies get bigger and bigger, the prices would be going down. Nope. [Repeat after me, “Monopolies are bad.” “Monopolies are bad.”]

AT&T & Ameritech duke it out in Wisconsin.

A critical review of Vincent Bugliosi’s new book “No Island of Sanity: The Supreme Court on Trial.

Excerpt: “One would like to think that the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest Court in the land, is the one island of sanity still remaining. But if what you folks are about to read is any indication, we’ve all got a lot to worry about. The question that presents itself is whether the near pathological dizziness and irrationality in our society has so invaded this nation’s marrow that, like a wild-infectious virus, even the Supreme Court is not immune.”

Vonnegut’s Artificial Family Utopia. “To put it shortly: the problem with modern life is that people are too lonely. We are folk-society organisms and should live in large extended families with many close relatives. But industrialization has made this ideal state impossible. We must follow the money–away from extended families–into isolated nuclear families.”

Apple’s MacOS 8.5 looks very promising.

Does anyone else see the uncanny similarity in layouts between and This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just an observation.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 15, 1998 02:31 AM