WebMonkey Screwed

WebMonkey linked to my Screwed page.

I bought a new CD using the new Quick Order feature at Borders.com. The CD, called Booth and the Bad Angel is an awesome collection of songs from an unlikely duo, Angelo Badalamenti and Tim Booth. Badalamenti is the Italian-American composer behind most of David Lynch’s movie soundtracks and Tim Booth is the lead singer of an amazing British pop band called James. Here’s the story of how they came together, and their biographies.

Miss America vs. the President.

An online entrepreneur with guts.

“Mom, the phone just crashed!”

“Mom, my book just crashed!”

And um…, “Mom, the car just crashed!”

You heard about this, didn’t you?

Nine Ways to Think More Creatively.

Snap.com finally realized what they were missing: Advertising.

SearchZ: Required reading for the new economy.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 9, 1998 02:20 AM

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