Scary Squirrel World

Well, I’m off to San Francisco for 4 days. Camworld will resume publication on Thursday, October 8.

Mother Jones, “the most dangerous woman in America.”

d[k] fonts. Nice.

The Angle is an online magazine from Wyoming.

Woo-woo. Don’t look now, it’s

Hmmmm….what is Devil Shat?. Lots of interesting opinions.

Where do you find good content and good design all in one place? Why, in your freezerbox, of course.

What the…? “You can Eat Devil’s Food, but you can’t Poop God.” Electric Poop God.

The Most Teacher-Friendly Country

Da Bears! Hee hee.

Ooh….those crazy LEGOmaniacs.

Wow! This is one of the most clever and bizarre things I’ve seen recently. The big thinkers might get some really cool ideas from this. Like, an OS embedded in your browser. Hmmmm….

I’m hearing incredible buzz about this new Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come. Sounds like a surprise hit.

What will they think of next: Scary Squirrel World.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 3, 1998 02:16 AM

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