Science for Teachers

Travis from Boxtop Software has a new product and a new company. Mizer promises to reduce the size of your HTML files by removing unnecessary HTML and Javascript syntax.

Free K-6 science curriculum for teachers. Great resource!

Steven Champeon says, “I think this is so funny. MS is going to crush Netscape if they don’t stop doing stupid things like this.”

How to Make Money in College. [Sigh…]

I think I found what book I’ll be reading on the plane to San Francisco this Saturday.

This Ain’t No Deadbeat Band. I love this music!

Christopher Locke has a great missive on web writing.

A weird analysis of the Muppet Movie.

The Archives of Unusual Poetry.

Microscope is a really good site that rates banner advertising. Awesome!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 2, 1998 02:13 AM

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