U.S. National Debt Clock

Well, I’ll be damned

U.S. National Debt Clock.

Out and about with the a cool new toy. This is hilarious.

Virtual PC on the iMac. “Here comes the Mac, and not only does it run its own OS, it also runs any Windows version right on top of that–more stable on the Mac than it does on the PC. Why am I not surprised? “

Strange and Bizarre Carnival Facts, Fun Fibian Facts, Bizarre Animal Facts and Old Wives’ Dog Tales.

Space Ghost Sounds Off. An interesting side note: commies.com redirects to the Space Ghost page.

OK. Save any work you may have open, bookmark any pages you may have open, and go to this site. I have no idea what it’s about, but it’s different and strange.

Taking the iMac parody thing too far. Yikes!

Nude2000.com is not a porn site.

Rebecca Eisenberg describes the “perfect moment.”

Hmmm….what is PowerTV?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 20, 1998 01:49 AM