Why I Love Windows98

Why I Love Windows98.

At Graceworld You can buy ninja swords, death stars, daggers….and web design? Jeez, has the industry become that saturated? “Uh yeah, your total is $16 for the pizza, and $195.99 + tax for the web site.” Sheesh…

OK, this trend has gone overboard. How many more “best of” sites do we have to see? Plastic Surgery Site of the Week.

Do you have GeekGeer? Notice the spelling…

Welcome to Africam.

Pass the Crisco, Spock” is a great paper that discusses the origins of Star Trek porn. [Damn, I love the web.]

1M2F: Why is Windows So Cheap? Also check out Rafe’s new site. Nice.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 18, 1998 01:45 AM

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