Slamming Alex Trebek

One lucky CamList subscriber has this excellent book on journalism being sent to them in the mail. Look for it in about two days. You know who you are.

Attention all Telecommunications geeks: Get your hands on a copy the Telecommunications Industry Consolidation Senate Hearings video tape. Awesome stuff. Airing on C-SPAN2.

Where’s Evany?

Slamming Alex Trebek.

Good design, good content. You don’t find too many sites like this.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Porn Star?

What is infomology? Microsoft Grovels Some More. [Why am I grinning?]

Cool! An automatic Buzzword Bingo card generator….don’t forget to take some cards with you to your next meeting.

The Dreams Project.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 16, 1998 01:38 AM

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