Namespace Project

Some people are just too clueless to understand the need for the advancement of technology. For instance, here’s a web page telling us to boycott DVD and HDTV. For some good reading about this subject, I highly recommend a new book called “Defining Vision” by Joel Brinkley. The subtitle is “How Broadcasters Lured the Government into Inciting a Revolution in Television.” And below that there’s the sub-subtitle, “What HDTV means to you and what to look for when you see it.” The basic gist of this book is how HDTV has become a “mandatory requirement” for television broadcasters by the year 2006, and how the industry is getting there, despite political infighting and superior products/services coming from Japan/Europe. For anyone in the Telecommunications or Broadcasting industries, this book is a definite read.

Steven Champeon’s NameSpace Project. An interesting Perl script tells us how many 2-letter domain names are left unregistered with the Internic.

IMDb has finally been Amazonified. I wonder about those blue pills they’re using for navigation, though.

Standard: Barred For Life from Doing Business Online. Ouch.

Dvorak: How Microsoft Will Lose. Ahhhhh….I feel very relieved after reading this article. However, reports that it’s a big money-making scam for some no-name opportunists.

Fianlly, someone (WebReview) has written about web accessibility for disabled persons. Wow.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 9, 1998 01:26 AM