CNN is fast..

Damn, CNN is fast. McGwire just hit his 62nd homerun, breaking Roger Maris’ old record. Less than a minute later, they had a picture and short article up. Also on CNN/

The Great American Pink-Out.

Philip Glass jokes. Funny! [BTW, I love his music. I’m trying to track down tickets to “The Fall of the House of Usher” in Grand Rapids (Sep. 10-13).]

I love the web. I picked up this book from the “free book room” at work. After flipping through I realized that it’s probably on the web. Yep. [A data table shows that 65.9% of people in Ann Arbor use household computers.]

Ben Curtis has a page of some interesting javascript tricks.

Deathrace 2000.

I simply cannot describe Shotgun Etiquette. Read on…

If you have some time to kill, take Mitch’s Ignorance Test.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 8, 1998 01:24 AM