Reasons why I should be taking the next couple of days off from updating Camworld:

  • WinNT makes a real sucky fileserver for the Mac. One crash, and all my work for an entire month is *poof* gone. Lots of work to re-do…
  • Have to wait at work for the Coke truckdriver to deliver my pallet of Coke Classic. I’m gonna need it.
  • Need time to play with my snazzy new Palm Pilot III. This little things kicks some major booty.
  • I’m tired.
  • At work, we moved into a gigantic new building, and I need time to fill up my cube. I feel like Dilbert. Employee #23643 here, how may I help you?
  • I have way too many books to read to catch up on my reading.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 11, 1998 08:42 PM

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