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One of my favorite sections in Fast Company magazine is the Job Titles We’d Like to Have section. One of my online friends, Peter Merholz from Phoenix-Pop has the job title “Problem Solver.” Cool.

Tom Mangan, another online friend (who runs writes about, a site that tracks and publishes obscure but fascinating documents that journalists often leave out of their reports.

Not that I’m thinking about it or anything, but here is how to apply for a Pulitzer.

Everybody who’s anybody on the Internet has heard of Matt Drudge and his famous Drudge Report, however not as many people are aware of the Smudge Report.

Even months later, I stumble across even more news articles about my situation from earlier this year.

T. Bruce Tober, a regular contributor to the Studio B Computer Book Authors mailing list to which I’m subscribed (both work and home), has a good piece he wrote about using email as an interview tool.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 6, 1998 07:13 PM

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