Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day. I’m spending the day working. It sure beats fighting the stupid tourist traffic. So expect lots of updates throughout the day.

Check out the special edition business card I’m designing for Macworld NYC98. Hee hee.

It’s BuzzWord Bingo, fun for girls and boys. It’s funny though, that those of us who write proposals for our executives are forced to add these words in, just so the execs can feel like they understand what the heck we’re talking about. Ahhh….corporate life *is* very much like a Dilbert cartoon.


Need to register an international domain? idNames, from the same folks that brought us InterNIC. (Warning: Registering an international domain is a lot harder than registering a regular .com domain. The prices vary widely and each country has its own set of rules.)

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 4, 1998 07:06 PM

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