Majel Barrett

DaveNet: Web Servers & File Systems. This is VERY important. (It looks as if Microsoft’s operating system has some problems when asked to be a webserver. Two serious security holes in just as many days.)

Yay! She says it much better than I ever could.

It’s the First Lady of Star Trek, Majel Barrett (no relation). And, of course,

Industry Standard: Burning on the Inside. “i don’t think michael likes to be around his employees. at least not the freaks in production.” Hmmm….Carl just described the company I work for. I work in production. I’ve been called a freak. You do the addition.

The San Jose Mercury News explains their big screw-up. Oops.

Gregg Knauss (of Entirely Other Day) is back, with some great memories.

At Vivid, considered one of the best Interactive/New Media studios around, they *encourage* people to try new things. What a simple brilliant concept.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 2, 1998 07:02 PM

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