Microsoft Uses Linux

I use this guy’s scripts quite often since they are free. Can you believe that he’s only 18!

Another smart 18-year old. And another 18-year old making money off the web.

These kids are our future. I’m starting to see a whole new paradigm shift in the way companies do business. From the traditional top-down hierarchical business management style to a bottom-up style, new start-ups are embracing these new technologies and using them to their fullest potential. A word to the wise for large corporations: Start listening to your younger employees. They may know a lot more than you think.

Hmmm….what is Microsoft up to? Coming soon: MS Linux?

Update: Microsoft must have decided this was bad PR. For those who missed it, this URL took you to a page that was a default installation page for RedHat and Apache, a Linux-based webserver. But, here’s some more Miscrosoft machines running Linux and various other OS’es:

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 15, 1998 02:36 PM

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