Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

  • Today is my 25th birthday. Thanks for a great 25 years mom.
  • Obviously, it’s also my twin bother Damien’s birthday.
  • And, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. He’d be 256 years old!
  • Also, actor Ricky Schröder.

It’s also my favorite Internet columnist’s birthday. [I promised not to reveal her age.] Did you know she wrote a story about me?

She has her own mailing list. Hmmm….a CamList? Email me if you think you’d like a CamList started.

As a birthday present to myself, I’ve decided to convert
this entire site (it’s getting big) into a
database. The going is slow but it will so cool when I’m
finished. Right now, all my pages are created statically,
meaning each page is built seperately with its own HTML,
HEAD, and BODY tags. Using Frontier, the parts of every page
that are the same (buttons, header, footer) are put into a
template and the database stores the guts of each page
seperately. It’s really quite fascinating, especially when
you get really deep into Frontier and see how much power it
has. [Subtle warning: Frontier has one of the steepest
learning curves for software I’ve ever experienced, but
don’t let that stop you. Dive in and experiment!]

Embarrassing revelation: I saw my site on a computer the
other day using a browser whose underlining for ANCHORS had
been turned off. Oops! I realized that my VLINK and LINK hex
colors weren’t very effective. That’s why regular readers
will notice the change.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 13, 1998 01:59 PM

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